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We are specialists on Hospitals for the 21st Century.

PP´s NEW "World" Hospital concept

PP Company :

°  PP - Pettersen and Partners Ltd. (short PP)  is an  international operating Co. 

°  We are a Group of Hospital Architects,  Engineers,  Economists, Equipment


°  We are a complete team which can be chartered as the only contract partner

for eventually new projects.


Since 2008 PP invested in- and worked out a 

NEW TYPE "World" HOSPITAL CONCEPT for the 21st Century 

(see picture above).

Due to our longstanding experiences (40 years) on Hospital Projects in different counties, states and countries,- we are „fit“ for the "21.st century hospital" as a complete service company at disposal for new projects.

Logistics, Flexibility, Quality, and Efficiency to an acceptable and "fair" price,  is our first motto.

Company History:


° 1971 - "Atelier 4 AS", Lillehammer, Norway (still one of PP´s partners)

° 1982 - 1991 "Estudio Quatro de Architectura", Tenerife, Spain 

° 1991 - 1997 "Deuska GmbH", Potsdam, Germany 

° 1998 - 2008 "PP-Pettersen & Partners", Bad Oldesloe, Germany

° 2009 - "PP-Pettersen & Partners Ltd.", Cardiff, England and Wales, England

° 2009 - "PP-Pettersen Projects", Zweigniederlassung Deutschland der

               "PP Pettersen & Partners Ltd.", Bad Oldesloe, Germany

PP´s qualified services are first of all up-to-date hospital architecture and engineering performances. In addition we are bringing other important services included :

(at the clients advantage) :


° Advising and Cooperation

° Hospital Logistics and Efficiency

° Hospital Flexibility

° Hospital Quality in relation to Economy

° The Future Hospital as a Complex

° Operational Income, Expences and Profit Calculations

° 10 years Operational Economy Survey Calculations 


We worked for Counties, Regions, Federal States, Governments,- as well as for Private Hospital Companies. In the future we may even be hired by Hospital "Operating- and "Health Care Insurance"- Companies.

The future could be different.....we are prepared. 

PP is offering

professional  hospital advising  and full cooperation with

the  client  during   all process phases.   That means on:


Site size / Site use,  Programming the Functions, Detailed

Room Programme Lists, Infrastructure, Planning & Design,

Projecting, Tendering, Controlling,  Contracting companies

for Constructions, Installations, Equipment /Furniture and outdoor facilities,- from the first day until the "handing over" day (celebrating / opening day).


How PP is working

PP Ltd is working in a "GLIDING" Planning, Design and Construction manner  (own PP system, put into practice several times,  by carried through PP hospitals).  

As soon as the "approval project" was signed by principal, the construction works can start "on the site"  (digging out, foundations, bottom pipes and construction body).

While construction works are going on, PP´s architects and engineers in our system are workng out the detail planning documents,- "according to schedule". Architects + Engineers must be at least  "one year ahead of construction works" on the site.


Please experience our ability and flexibility from our carried through projects.