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Detailed about PP´s special qualificated services

°  Advising and Cooperation

*  to discuss and help the client to make the right decisions for the future,

*  to cleare "right time" for "right decisions", to avoid additional costs,

*  to discuss/decide about hospital size and quality in relation to economy,

*  how to optimize and organize :

   -   the planning- and construction process /period,

   -   contracting methods /systems,

   -   construction and supervision,

   -   the project economy.


°  Hospital Efficiency and Logistics (for optimal use of personnel)

*  short "traffic lines" for patienst, staff and goods (transport logistics),

*  skilled staff logistics,

*  discuss the needs for,- and select among,- optimal transporting systems.


°  Flexibility

*  during the planning- and construction period (an PP Ltd. well-experienced system, where all installations can be "built-in"  without planned construction cuts and holes),

*  for eventual future alterations  (new treatment methods / new apparatus), and / or

*  for eventual future extensions (new clinics) without disturbing the original logistics.


°  Quality / Economy

PP Ltd is standing for good quality in Hospital Planning-, Design and Constructions:


"Nothing is more expencive, than to plan and build cheep, fast and bad"

"Good quality pays in the long run"


Those mottos are  very  important by big- and high investment projects,-

particularly by hospitals, classified as  complicated high-tech buildings.


*  PP is not the "cheapest-in-the-world"-company.

*  PP´s  goal / aim is rather to secure the client´s investments in substancial and long lasting buildings as well as in technical and medicinetechnical installations, 1st. class equipment, furniture and "out-door" facilities.

(Those PP-experienced statements should be adapted by the client´s economy- and funding experts / banks / investors).


°  The 21.st Century Hospital seen as a Complex

In addition to the hospital building the following Complex Buildings are  :

*  Nursing School

*  Staff children´s Kindergarten

*  Staff children´s Primary School

*  Staff Housing

*  Senior Center


to secure  available qualified professional staff,-  to remain / stay  at the hospital. Those buildings are situated in a  green belt zone  on the hospital site...... ....... That means short way from home to job,- Kindergarten / Schools, without any use of cars.


3D Concept

3 D Concept: Quality, Efficiency (Logistics), Economy

The 3 items,   Quality, Efficiency (Logistics) and Economy are all importent

factors for an optimal result for the operational years to come.


Axonometric Illustration

PP´s Example of an Axonometric Illustration for a PP 420 Bed Hospital




PP´s part of the Hospital Business field :

On the basis of PP´s  40 years  of experience on International Hospital Planning & Design, Projecting, Tendering, Controlling and Contracting Construction  works, as

well as Installations and Equipping, we developed the  "PP Hospital for the  21.st Century".   After all those years we are convinced, that an optimal result may be achieved by an hospital size of around 600 beds.


(Investments in relation to :

(construction logistics-. flexibility-, quality-, efficiency-, economy,


(Investments in relation to :

"treatment of all actual deseases" and expensive "hospital equipment",


(Investments in relation to :

(hospital operational economy during the next decades)