PP´s Performances

Advising, Planning, Projecting, Tendering, Controlling and Contracting, Cooperation, Constructions, Installations,  Equipment, Supervision, Quality / Economy Controlling and Documentation.  By PP the client will have professional services for  all steps of the Planning and Construction process. Our performances :

Main performances :

PP´s services for an Hospital Project Client are divided into two main parts :

(valid also for other type of PP Projects).


° PP Standard Performances :

- Assessment of Basic Informations

- Preliminary Design

- Project Management

- Design Planning

- Approval Project /Descriptions /Cost Estimates /

- Final Detail Planning and Quantity Calculations /Survey

- Preparations of Tenders for Contracting, Construction and Deliveries 

- Contracting Constructions, Installations and Equipment Deliveries 

- Project Supervision /Clerk of works/ Cost Controlling

- Documentations


° PP Preporatory and Supplementary Performances :  

- Programming the Functions

- Detailed Room Programme

- General Plan for the entity Site

- Equipment Planning

- Traffic Engineering

- Architectural Models

- Operational Data, Income, costs and profit calcultions

- Operational Economy, 10-years survey


Other types of PP Projects :

  • Airport Projects
  • Railway Projects
  • Hotel projects
  • University- and School Projects
  • Senior Centers (modern elderly people flats with eligible services)
  • Housing Projects

Ideal Hospital Size in Relation to Economy

PP´s Teaching Hospitals may be sized for around 600 beds,  to be profitable with all modern and expencive equipment, for treatment of all diseases.

This "World Hospital" includes facilities for "teaching" so that  young doctors and nurses can find further vocational training for their professions. Also older doc´s will have the  possibillity  to  "modernize"  their professional education  at  this modern hospital,- as well as hospital engineers,  technicians,  physicians, hygiene-, cleaning- and transport personnel.


This type of hospital is prepared for examination and treatment of all 'new' actual diseases,- included heart-, lung-. stomach-, kidney and dialysis-, liver-, diabetes and cancer ( LINAC "beam therapy" ). There are also clinics for AIDS as well as for Tropic, Nature Medicine and Acupuncture.


PP Ltd. may also be hired for smaller hospitals (District Hospitals from 140 beds, 250, 350 up to 420 beds),  however only with few selected specialities and without the teaching part.


PP Ltd guarantee the client, to get "handed over" a PP quality product / to have an optimal result of invested capital,- and at the end,-  after the planning & construction period,-

(from four to six years,- depending on the size of the project),-

to be the owner of a modern efficient and flexible hospital, offering and bringing 1.st class services for the inhabitants of the actual region.


PP is also working out economy calculations for the "Operation of the  PP Hospital" for the client,- in advance,- after the approval project,- in a professional way :


Hospital operational Data (what the hospital shall do /per year /per day)

Hospital income,-

Hospital Expences and


Additionally PP deliver:  10 years survey  for  the  hospital operational economy.


Advantages by contracting PP :

Please be kind to become acquainted with PP´s Hospital Philosophy, PP´s compre-hension of modern hospital architecture,  PP´s 40 years  of experience and profes-sional 'up-dating' through participation on hospital planner congresses and hospital study tours,- world-wide,- guarantee 1st. class services for the client, by

only one contract,

( instead of 7 separate planning contracts and later around 28-38 construction and delivery company contracts ) :

The PP Hospital Contract. 



The PP Hospital Contract as the "only contract" needed  between  Client and PP

The way from Client to  "turn qui" Hospital, ready for operation :



The operational company :

For the operation of the hospital the  owner must engage  an  international profesio-

nal hospital operating company. PP Ltd. can help finding this company by internatio-

nal tender,-  from the 4th. year of construction...