PP´s Offices

Am Hohenkamp 53, D-23843 Bad Oldesloe, G e r m a n y

PP Pettersen Projects, Zweigniederlassung Deutschland der 

PP Pettersen & Partners Ltd.

P.O. Box 1563

D-23835 Bad Oldesloe, Germany (near Hamburg)

The other  PP Partners  offices are in Hamburg Germany and in Norway 

(Oslo, Hamar and Lillehammer).


° Reg. no. in England and Wales : Company No. 7047300 (Companies House)

° Trade Register in Hamburg, Germany : UR No. 1700/2009/JO

° IHK (Industry- and Trade Chamber) of Lübeck, Germany : No 416224

° Local Registration, Bad Oldesloe, Germany : No 62004 2009 290

° Tax no. Stormarn, Germany : 11302940181556 1202 - 113022008510561241

° Chamber of Architects and Engineers, in S-H, Germany, Member no.: 4046

° Chamber of Architects, NAL and UIA, Oslo Norway, Member no.: 3587


We worked on Hospital Planning, Design and Constructions  since 1971.   PP has since years been offering Hospitals and  Airport /Railway projects for the coming decades, in different countries on different continents.


Working and communication language is mainly English or German. Communication language could (if necessary) also be Spanish.


Pettersen & Partners Ltd.´s distinguished "goals"

The client,- who is planning and building with PP Ltd.,- is going into a professional cooperation with a group of skilled specialists, advicing for/and with :

  • a clear comprehension of good Hospital Architecture
  • short way Functions, - Logistics.
  • a creative and experienced team,
  • flexible project settings
  • a wide spectrum of performances