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PP-Pettersen Projects

Zweigniederlassung Deutschland der

PP-Pettersen & Partners Ltd.

PP´s Companies :

PP Pettersen Projects Ltd. is a new (but old) company,  founded 2009/10  in England and Germany, as a "carried on" original company from Mr. Pettersen´s companies :


"Atelier 4 AS" Lillehammer Norway,- founded 1971,- still one of PP´s Partners,- then as a "carried on" Co.,-

"Estudio Quatro de Architectura", Tenerife, 1982,- then as a "carried on" Co.,-

"Deuska GmbH" in Potsdam, Germany, 1991,- then changed and moved to

"Pettersen & Partners", Bad Oldesloe, Germany, 2001,- finally registrated as

"Pettersen & Partners Ltd." in England and Wales,- and for Germany,-2009/10 :

"Pettersen Projects, Zweigniederlassung Deutschland der Pettersen & Partners Ltd"

(see "Home I" and "PP´s Offices")


PP´s main business during all those years were Hospital Projects :


19 years in Norway,- 3 finished/completed hospitals,- then later,-

11 years in Germany,- where we restructured and modernized 12 old hospitals.

06 years in different countries,- (see "project references") and,- the last

04 years PP invested in and developed the

NEW "World" Hospital for the 21.st Century (see "Home I")


PP is a collaboration of  Hospital specialists in Norway and Germany,  (Architects, Engineers, Economists), working out and serving all phases of Planning, Design, Construction, Installations, Equipment and Out-door Facilities,- short,- "all in one Hand" organized Hospital Projects, for the Client.

One Contract = PP Contract.

(see "Performances").

PP´s Part of Hospital Business :

PP is not working on all hospital sizes and types.

We decided to use our intelligence and experiences on the one part of the hospital business, where we can give our very best services for the clients.


The size around 600 beds, is for us an optimum of efficiency, logistics and medicine-technical equipment, in relation to operational economy.


That´s the reason for our concept, The  NEW PP "World Hospital",- a Teaching Hospital Complex,  with possibilities for examination and treatment  of  all actual deseases (see "Home II"),-

and with  facilities for  "teaching": Young doctors and nurses can find further vocational training for their professions/also older doctors will have possibillity to modernize their professional education at this modern hospital, as well as hospital engineers,  technicians,  physicians,  hygiene-,  cleaning- and transport personnel.


We are convinced, that this is very important in several countries.



PP´s participation on Hospital Congresses, Study Tours and Own arranged Seminars : "The Hospital for The 21st Century"

We participated in Hospital Congresses in New York and Minneapolis/St. Paul included 3 days visits to 5 selected Hospitals in the USA, among them

"Mayo Clinic" in Rochester,

"Veteran Administration Hospital" in Minneapolis and the

"Columbia Presbytarian Medical Center" in New York. 

Our last  Congress Participation :  "Hospital Build"  in Nürnberg, Germany (April 2011).


We participated in Hospital further vocational trainings in Norway,  Oslo, Fagernes and Stavanger. We organized PP Study Tours in :

Norway,  Finnland,  Sweden,  DenmarkGermanyEngland and Scotland.

We organized our own PP Seminar, "The Hospital of the 21.st Century", in 7 cities in Germany :


° Potsdam

° Cottbus

° Schwerin

° Magdeburg

° Erfurt

° Dresden

° Berlin


under the Protection of The Norwegian Embassy in Berlin.



Other "Milestones" :

PP was participating in 7 Architecture Competitions with some good results, among them PP won three 2.nd prices (two in Norway and one in Germany)


PP can show excellent  "testemonials"  signed by former principals for executed 3 Hospitals in Norway (can be showed to client, if wished).


PP got a professional classification from The Norwegian State :

"Central Approval for organizations given Resposibility Right,-  according to The Plan- and Buildng Law,  Class 3(highest difficulty buildings),- still of value,- until december 2016

(can be showed to client, if wished).


Mr. Pettersen got "Certificate of Good Conduct", issued and signed by "The Federal Public Prosecutor of Justice" (Germany´s Authority in Berlin),- on October 04-2005.

(can be showed to client, if wished).


On inquiry, Director Mr. Pettersen can show the client his 21 pages complete "Curriculum Vitae"

(can be showed to client, if wished).