Project Team of Architects, Engineers and Economists by Pettersen & Partners Ltd.

All responsible persons by PP and our Team are "well-off" in competence, engagement and have longstanding project experience. Convince yourself and be acquainted with PP company :


PP´s President, Arne PettersenArchitect MNAL UIA and AKSH, Norwegian citizen

PP´s Deputy Director Norway, Jon Olav Sveen, Architect MNAL. Norwegin citizen

PP´s Deputy Director Germany, Kerstzen Apelt, Qualified Engineer, German citizen

Arne Pettersen, President, Norwegian citizen, finshed his 6 years Architecture Education in Vienna, Austria

Jon Olav Sven, Deputy Director Norway, Norwegian citizen, finished his 5 years of Architecture education in Trondheim, Norway

Kersten Apelt, Deputy Director Germany, German citizen, finished his 5 years Engineer studies in Hamburg,



Kersten Apelt has a teaching position at the "Hafen-City-University, Hamburg, Germany (HCU-Hamburg).


Approxim. 90 architects, engineers and economists are at present partners and / or employees for PP. Nearly 40 of them are specialists on PP Hospital Projects since years.

Our offices are registrated in Cardiff England / Wales and in Bad Oldelsoe Germany. Partners offices are located in Hamburg Germany and in Oslo,  Hamar, Lillehammer in Norway.